Aloha Parent Coaching Founder:

Tara Vellella, MA BCBA

Hi there and Aloha!  

Happy you found me and are here to start a new, peaceful, chapter in your life journey!

I am a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and have been practicing for the past 10 years. Currently located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.  

As a parent of 3 young kids I see you busy parents! I have run countless trainings and parent training sessions with clients and able to help them brainstorm and utilize these strategies.  

 I have 5 years experience running trainings and parent coaching sessions and have decided to branch out to serve the larger community outside of clients receiving applied behavior analysis (ABA).  In addition to that, I have 5 years of teaching preschool and as a 1:1 aid to children with special needs.

These skills and techniques can be used by everyone!  
I also offer 1:1 coaching sessions for more personalized behavior planning.  

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Aloha Parent Coaching Way

 After experiencing firsthand the vast disconnect of parenthood, the multiple “styles” and “approaches”, I found the true answer rooted in science.

Aloha Parent Coaching is rooted in applied behavior analysis, which sounds intimidating, but simply is the study of all behavior and why/how it happens.  

This is all broken down into digestible bites within Peaceful Home Academy.

Years of practice in home, clinics and school settings, in addition to being a mama I developed straightforward tools and tips for Mamas to build their confidence back.

Based in science, empathy and unique to you solutions, I am here for you and your family.